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Photographic Collections

Artist Statement

Bold colors of extravagant scenes are what I aim to photograph as an artist. I love creating elaborate and surreal pictures found in dreams and recreated in real life. On first look their beauty captures your attention and upon further examination the truth is revealed. Hidden in the images are stories of inner conflict and meaning.  


When I begin to concept a project I draw inspiration from some of my favorite photographers who have shaped my art. The epic nature of David LaChapelle, the carefully crafted statements of Benjamin Von Wong, and the mystical elements of Brooke Shaden are some of the places my influences come from. I am often inspired by my friends who also happen to be my subjects and are some of the most incredibly talented people I know. The creative process begins way before the image is created. I dream up a big idea and gather a team who feels drawn to support the vision. From my models, hair and make up artists, set designers and helpers, together we create magic, I simply can not to this alone.

I desire to tell stories that capture the essence of beauty while also exploring topics that evoke thought and encourage discussion. I love the symbolism of animalistic nature and how it relates to the human condition. I spent about 8 years working in zoos and aquariums and feel like my artwork reflects that era in my life in many ways and will continue to do so. My time spent on stage and in front of an audience has given me a unique perspective and has shaped my love for big costumes and role playing. And my work as an intimate and feminine portrait photographer has sparked my interest for all things sexy, sultry and powerful. 

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