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Leah Marie. Feminine Photography

Let me introduce myself. I am a self-taught photographer who spontaneously decided I loved photography after one impromptu pin up photo shoot. My best friend had a wild idea to invite over some girls and pose just for fun. I could not put the camera down. The photos turned out so amazing I thought I would try again, and again and here I am today. I am always learning new things everyday about my craft and I am totally in love with it! 


I am completely amazed and obsessed with life. I feel so fortunate to have found something that fuels my passions and feeds my soul. My life as a photographer has given me the freedom to create and be creative. My shots are a reflection of my personality - sexy, fun, beautiful, and mysterious. I believe that great photos are often the result of a team effort and I value working closely with my clients and friends. I am lucky that my background in ballet has trained my eye to see beautiful lines in bodies; bodies which should be celebrated.


I often challenge myself with new and imaginative ideas and have really big dreams. I am proud to say that many of my dreams have become a reality and I work very hard to achieve my goals. My intention as a photographer is to make you dream with me. Because anything is possible and shared experiences are way more fun!


This Showcase is only the beginning. It is a collection of ideas that are meant to push boundaries. They exist on the edge of something real while playing with curious exploration. Although it appears to lack a theme there is a deeper meaning behind these pieces. It is my photographic journey through the evolution of my life as an artist. I am searching for my style and my voice through my art. My photographs will flirt with your imagination and seduce your fascination. They are feminine and confident. risqué and courageous. This is my story of self-discovery and it has only just begun. 

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