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Femme Fatale

Film Noir is mysteriously sexy. Playing in the shadows and exploring a mood of dome and danger. Inspired by Quentin Tarentino's film Sin City, this series of triptych images exposes the fierce tale of a hit women and her prize. Men beware because this treacherous story of deadly women will eat you up and then spit you out. 

The Urban Dictionary describes the role of the femme fatale well: An extremely intelligent, attractive and seductive woman who has a tendency to use men in many ways either for sexmoney, help, attention, support. She never falls in love with a man, but rather uses him and takes the advantages that he gives her. Usually her heart is already broken and incapable of love and intimacy because of her dark past and troubling history. She might have loved once and trusted someone but was betrayed and failed at and her deceptions of the past left irrevocable scars. She is amazing in bed and at all the arts of seduction but she only gives her body never her heart. She has lost all hope in menkind and does no longer believe in happy endings. She learned the hard way: her dark past taught her too well, she'll never make the same mistake twice.

Dwoira Galilea as Jane. Leah Marie as Ms. Mauve. Kirsten "MzK" Gerding as Ruby. Maggie Powers as Scarlett. David Herzenberg as the Husband. 

The making of...

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