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Dance Biography and Influences

"As a performer most of her art work features her friends from the bay and fellow performers. She has a an overwhelming amount of amazing people to photograph and constantly brings them onto photoshoots to model and collaborate. She loves photographing these incredibly talented people and loves that she can call them all her friends!"

At the age of three Leah was enrolled in her first ballet class and from then on she grew up with a bun on her head and point shoes thrown over her shoulders. She attended Denver School of the Arts high school and graduated early to start on her bachelor’s degree in Biology. With her degree in science, she studied animals and spent five years as an animal trainer working with marine mammals. The combination of her love for animals and her captivating stage presence led her to theme parks, where she would send dolphins flying through the air as she clapped her hands together in sync with music. All the way through college she danced but it was not until four years past academia that she found herself on stage singing and acting along with her dancing. Over night she became a "triple threat", staring in the production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show as Janet. Not just a "triple threat" anymore, she decided to run away with the circus and currently performers with the Bay Area company the Vau De Vire Society. In May of 2013 Leah saw her first pole show and fell in love with the apparatus. A particular performer inspired her to use the pole as a playful and powerful dance partner and to break the negative stereotypes associated with history of pole dancing as a symbol of sex. She has won several Pacific Pole Championship awards and performs regularly throughout  the Bay Area. Leah is a performer by night and a photographer by day. She owns her own company, Elle Aime Photography, and loves to capture women as their most glamorously beautiful selves, supporting women in their place in the world. 

Dancer, Pole Artist, Aerialist

Dance Companies

Flux Vertical Theatre since 2016

Co Producer, Choreographer, Dancer

Vau de Vire Society since 2014

Dancer, Solo Pole Artist, Duo Cube Aerialist

Upcoming Shows

Edwardian Ball at the Regency Ballroom

Latest Solo Performances

Stormy Monday

Flux Vertical Theatre Presents FLUXXX at the historic Mitchell Brothers O'farrell Theatre


Filmed at Phoenix Aerial Art and Pole

Father Figure

Vau de Vire Society - Edwardian Ball - Lounge Performance

Oh So Quiet

Winning Competition Piece for Pacific Pole Championships

Latest Collaborative Performances

Love Song with Uriah Duffy

Flux Vertical Theatre Presents Devour

at the Revival Bar and Kitchen


Flux Vertical Theatre Presents VOID

at Kinetic Arts Center

Acrobatic Dance with Miguel

Vau de Vire Society - Soiled Dove Dinner Experience

at Tortona the Big Top Tent

Flux Duo

Flux Vertical Theatre Presents a duo performance

at Tourettes Without Regrets

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